Established in 2015, Kim Bach Kim Food Joint Stock Company is a manufacturer specializing in processing and supplying of fresh fruits and the qualified frozen fruit products in Vietnam.

To be proud of one of exporters supplying IQF fruit products to the fastidious markets such as the US, Europe, Japan, The Netherlands, Korea…. We have constantly made efforts to find and sign contracts with the leading farms, cooperatives and enterprises planting fruits which complying with quality requirements of the markets. Therefore, our products always ensure the procedure of sorting land, taking care of fruits, harvesting, processing, package, storing cold storage and delivering to customers. With the motto of first quality, we commit to supply only the very best products to our customers.

We aim to advise and encourage farmers to grow fruits the Global GAP model to improve the quality of fruits and create a brand name in the international market. Besides, Kim Bach Kim pioneers in providing the products certified Viet Gap to the consumers. The high quality products ensure the health of consumers and aim to encourage the development of clean fruits in the country.

In addition, we have imported the temperate fruits from markets such as Australia, the US, and New Zealand to diversify domestic fruit products and meet consumers’ high-quality demands.

Kim Bach Kim is proud of pioneering in bringing the qualified fruits to consumers, we are a reliable supplier for domestic and foreign consumers.